Getting Decent Research Paper Question Examples

    At first, you may feel completely lost on how to find a decent research paper question, but there is a trick to help you find good examples. Here are two different methods you can use, depending on your situation, to find great examples for research paper questions.

    If you don’t have access to a database…

    If you’re in high school and don’t have access to a database of academic writing, such as jstor, this is the method for you. What access do you have to researchable materials? Do you have access to a library? At the very least, you should have access to Google Scholar, and some teachers are perfectly happy with any plain blog or website. It’s now as simple as having Google Scholar or the notepad on your phone (or a physical notepad if you’re analog) and googling on normal google search in another tab “research paper question examples.” Over 600 different questions should come up on the first page.

    Take a few questions that interest you and look for the keywords inside that question, there should be three or four. Some questions require a keyphrase to be asked properly. If you plan to do your research at a library, write these keywords down on your notepad, making sure the phrases are distinguishable from the words by themselves. Go to the library and search what materials they have on these keywords. If you plan on using Google’s normal search or Google Scholar, then search these keywords from the comfort of your computer chair. For whatever your means of receiving information, how many articles come up? Are the articles all answering that question, or other questions? If the articles are all answering questions that are slightly dissimilar but still related to the original question, then that’s a decent question! You can easily become knowledgeable with the material and then answer that question, or any other question of your choosing, in full.

    If you do have access to a database…

    You are the luckier of the two. If you do have access to a database, all you have to do is login to your database, such as jstor, and google some keywords you find interesting. You’ll instantly see hundreds if not thousands of articles just like how yours is going to turn out, with questions just like yours will be. That should be more than enough examples for this paper.

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